wedding charm

Guest Blogger: Kimberly Williams

When Pantone® announced Radiant Orchid as the color of the New Year 2014; they couldn’t have found a better color for marriage-minded couples wanting to enrich their weddings’ color repertoire. Radiant Orchid is described as a harmonious symbiosis of fuchsia, purple, and pink undertones is associated with confidence, warmth, charm, joy, love, and health, all ideas that are closely linked to the lucky couples visions and desires of the relationship with the significant other. Furthermore, it symbolizes the wish for a prosperous future of the newly-wed, filled with the previously mentioned warmth, joy, health, and above all love.

Radiant Orchid can be used in various ways to embellish your wedding ceremony and following reception. Flowers can include this joyful color to the couple’s most precious moments or the dresses of the bridesmaid can be in Radiant Orchid completely or include parts of it. Even down to the smallest detail of Radiant Orchid hair ribbons.

Men can also color up their suits with an actual orchid or a pocket square featuring the color of the year. Table clothes can combine white with the refreshing warmth of Radiant Orchid and the contrast between white and Radiant Orchid can also be achieved in adding flowers or other complimenting decorative items to a white table cloth. The room for the ceremony and reception can furthermore be beautified by adding the new color of the year. This might include curtains, candle holders, balloons napkins, randomly spread flowers on the floor and elsewhere, or even light bulbs enriching the room in a joyful, warm light in Radiant Orchid.

Take it a step further by polishing up drinks or food items such as desserts, ice creams, candy items, the choice is yours. The wedding cake itself can contain the lovely color of Radiant Orchid in its decoration or maybe even as the cake’s color. Cocktails can be in the desired color or just parts of the glasses or the décor.

Last but not least, make up and accessories also can contain or be in Radiant Orchid. Lipsticks, finger nail polish, and eye shades in radiant orchid can used in a creative way and also accessories such as jewelry, or ribbons woven into bride’s maids hair are possible ways to include the color into your special day.