Invest in the Paradise of Tulum

Guest Blogger:
Raminta Lilaite of Riviera Maya Property Consultants

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own slice or paradise? This dream is a very tangible reality in Mexican hot spot, Tulum.

Located just 90 minutes south of Cancun's International Airport, Tulum is quickly becoming one of the world's premier investment destinations.

With it's relaxed vibe, powdery, white beaches, unique cuisine and a growing expat community; Tulum is an investor's dream. Let's take a look at a few reasons why this destination is so appealing.

Real Estate Prices

Luxury 602-square-foot suites in Tulum that sold for $127,000 USD in 2009 are now listed at $265,000 USD; more than doubling in value in less than six years.

Two-bedroom, furnished condos range from $550 USD to $1,200 USD in monthly rents. For those looking for something a bit more permanent, investors can purchase a lot of land in the residential neighborhood of La Veleta for $30,000 USD giving them the option to build their dream home.

Strong U.S. dollar against Mexican peso. The exchange rate between the USD and Mexican Peso continues to grow in favor of US Dollar. Despite minor fluctuations, this has a steady trend the last several years, according toTrading Economics report. The Mexican peso was trading at 12.68 per USD in 2010 and jumped to 13.56 per USD in 2014 and is now trading at 14.64.

Atmosphere. Tulum's unique vibe can be described as relaxed but sophisticated, trendy but laid back. You can enjoy the beauty of the Mexican Riviera's Caribbean without the busy traffic and crowds of Cancun.

Infrastructure and services. Whether a year-round home or just somewhere to get away, Tulum offers all of the creature "comforts" of home. Fresh produce markets compliment the large supermarkets and gourmet grocery stores. Low key, casual "hole in the wall" restaurants in the town center provide a nice alternative to trendy and hip eateries in the hotel zone.

According to Yahoo Finance, "Tulum has also attracted a large number of creative chefs, so there's no shortage of interesting places to eat."

Activities and lifestyle. The retirees can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in Tulum, with many options to choose their favorite activity from – biking, beach walking, yoga, swimming, diving, or simple spa relaxation. With all the organic, locally grown produce, fresh juices and abundant outdoor activities- it's hard not adopt a healthy lifestyle in Tulum.

Riviera Maya Property Consultants is an innovative architectural & real estate firm based in Tulum. Made up of a group of savvy professionals from New York, London and Milan, the founders fell passionately in love with this slice of paradise, moved to Tulum, purchased beachfront land and started to build their own luxury villa.

Through trial and error they decided to take their own experience and created a company that offers all the "A-Z" services of real estate investment while ensuring an enjoyable experience throughout the process.

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