Hot Honeymoon Destinations for 2016

Contributing Blogger: Monique Richmond

Whether you crave adventure far away or would rather laze around on a private beach close to home, we've got you covered for the hottest honeymoon destinations for 2016. After so many decisions having to do with your wedding, the last thing you and your new spouse may feel like doing is making one final decision on where to spend your first official days as Mr. and Mrs. So we've made it easy for you and provided you with a list of this year's chicest picks for romantic getaways. From snowcapped mountains to steamy beaches, here is just a glimpse of 2016's hottest honeymoon destinations.


Perfect for those who love to lounge on silky, immaculate beaches while soaking in the luxuries of upscale spas and resorts that make up the island. The breathtaking sunsets and bustling nightlife aren't too shabby either!


Ideal for those seeking to stay active, undertakings such as horseback riding, zip-lining and kayaking are easily accessible while taking in a panoramic views of the rainforest. For those wishing to explore a little deeper, there are many ancient grounds to play on.


Sun-kissed shores along either the cool Pacific or tranquil Caribbean are perfect for sun and surf worshippers. If you prefer to explore the mysteries of Mexico's ancient civilizations and inspect ancient Maya or Aztec cities, you'll find that too. For something more sedate, step back in time and hang out in charming haciendas. Mexico has it all!

Lake Tahoe

Whether it is hot or cold outside, there are always many activities to choose from! In the summer, select from a slew of water sports, canoeing, kayaking or hiking and biking. If winter is more your thing, there's skiing, skating, sledding and snowmobiling. When day is done, grab a hot toddy and snuggle by a sizzling fire in one of many dreamy alpine resorts.


Nothing spells "amore" like Bella Italia - any time of year! Whether you're exploring the wonders of ancient Rome, sipping a chilled aperitivo on Lake Como, basking in the majesty of Venice, or simply savoring the charms of Tuscany's wine region, you'll be mesmerized by the magic.