top 5 reasons to have a destination wedding ...

There are dozens of reasons to have a far flung destination wedding (DW) but we've rounded up our top 5 ...

 1. Neutral Territory 

Gone are the days when people marry their high school sweetheart, stay in their hometown for college and never move away. Nowadays, reality reads a bit more like this: graduate from high school, move out of state for college and then most likely make another move (or several) for work. So, the chances of marrying someone from the same zip code (let alone the same state) are slim to none. Having a D.W. eliminates any friction or proprietary attitudes about being on the bride's or the groom's turf. Instead, it becomes a fun adventure that everyone is excited about.

2. The World Becomes Your Playground (Literally)

That said, you don't have to go to the most far flung destination you can find. A D.W. is defined as anything that calls for more than half of your guests to book accommodations. Selecting the destination is the FUN part and should reflect the personality of the couple or be a place, which holds a special place in their hearts.

3. It's Good For Your Wallet 

If your guests require a passport to go to your wedding, this will cut your RSVP's down automatically. Our couples average about 50 guests at their celebrations, making it a much more intimate affair where the "obligatory" invites are replaced by those "must be there" friends and family only. Vendors in many popular destinations such as Mexico are significantly less expensive than those in the U.S. Your money also goes a lot further. Instead of having a four hour event in a hotel ballroom, your party can go until the sun rises (or until the last man is standing). A D.W. is more than just a wedding ... it's a three day experience.

4. Paparazzi

So, yeah, a hotel ballroom can dress up nicely, but how can you compare that backdrop to, say, the sunsets in Tulum? A destination wedding weekend entails events throughout (picture golf tourneys, beach parties, sunset nuptials by the sea). Get the picture? You would have your own personal paparazzi at all times for the weekend capturing every spectacular detail and special moment.

5. It's all in the details ...

It's all in the details ... I love incorporating the local flavor and traditions of the location. Getting hitched in Mexico? How about setting up a Tequila & Mezcal tasting table equipped with a Tequila Sommelier? Send guests home with colorful Tequila shooters crafted by local villagers. It's the little touches that your guests will remember long after the wedding is over. Have fun with the process, get creative & have fun!

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destination wedding locations
that don't require a passport

Contrary to popular belief... Europe and the Caribbean islands don't have a lock on delivering a culture-drenched experience for a destination wedding. There are plenty of U.S. locales that can deliver this, but you don't need a passport to get there.....

Our Top 5 Favorite Spots ...


From it's rugged terrain to it's ritzy resorts and championship golf courses ... this Southwestern Mecca offers something for everyone. We suggest incorporating the allure of the Sonoran desert in your reception decor (think succulents and warm colors). Embrace the heat with creative & fun touches to keep your guests cool such as personalized fans, signature cocktails, etc.


Where else can you have a live brass band lead the procession from your ceremony to your reception site? Life in "The Big Easy" revolves around music, delectable cuisine and a spirited atmosphere, giving you all the ingredients for an unforgettable party! We recommend steering clear of popular events such as Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest to avoid high hotel rates and limited availability of top musicians, caterers, etc.


The perfect mishmash of purple hued mountains, sparkling pools and modern design; this palm-studded oasis is a pretty marvelous wedding destination. Couples can even wed in unique locales such as Frank Sinatra's abode, Twin Pals, known for its piano-shaped pool.


Easy to get to, tropical & relaxed, the Sunshine State is a little slice of paradise. What we love about this destination is the diversity of wedding venues & properties throughout the state. From sprawling beach resorts to intimate inns & historic hotels, there is something for everyone. A few of our favorites? Key West, Amelia Island & Miami Beach ...


The waterfalls, the beaches, the Aloha Spirit... It's hard to go wrong with a wedding here. Romance exudes at every corner and the island offers an array of dreamy places to say "I do". To really embrace the magic of the island, we suggest a sunset ceremony on the beach...

Invest in the Paradise of Tulum

Guest Blogger:
Raminta Lilaite of Riviera Maya Property Consultants

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own slice or paradise? This dream is a very tangible reality in Mexican hot spot, Tulum.

Located just 90 minutes south of Cancun's International Airport, Tulum is quickly becoming one of the world's premier investment destinations.

With it's relaxed vibe, powdery, white beaches, unique cuisine and a growing expat community; Tulum is an investor's dream. Let's take a look at a few reasons why this destination is so appealing.

Real Estate Prices

Luxury 602-square-foot suites in Tulum that sold for $127,000 USD in 2009 are now listed at $265,000 USD; more than doubling in value in less than six years.

Two-bedroom, furnished condos range from $550 USD to $1,200 USD in monthly rents. For those looking for something a bit more permanent, investors can purchase a lot of land in the residential neighborhood of La Veleta for $30,000 USD giving them the option to build their dream home.

Strong U.S. dollar against Mexican peso. The exchange rate between the USD and Mexican Peso continues to grow in favor of US Dollar. Despite minor fluctuations, this has a steady trend the last several years, according toTrading Economics report. The Mexican peso was trading at 12.68 per USD in 2010 and jumped to 13.56 per USD in 2014 and is now trading at 14.64.

Atmosphere. Tulum's unique vibe can be described as relaxed but sophisticated, trendy but laid back. You can enjoy the beauty of the Mexican Riviera's Caribbean without the busy traffic and crowds of Cancun.

Infrastructure and services. Whether a year-round home or just somewhere to get away, Tulum offers all of the creature "comforts" of home. Fresh produce markets compliment the large supermarkets and gourmet grocery stores. Low key, casual "hole in the wall" restaurants in the town center provide a nice alternative to trendy and hip eateries in the hotel zone.

According to Yahoo Finance, "Tulum has also attracted a large number of creative chefs, so there's no shortage of interesting places to eat."

Activities and lifestyle. The retirees can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in Tulum, with many options to choose their favorite activity from – biking, beach walking, yoga, swimming, diving, or simple spa relaxation. With all the organic, locally grown produce, fresh juices and abundant outdoor activities- it's hard not adopt a healthy lifestyle in Tulum.

Riviera Maya Property Consultants is an innovative architectural & real estate firm based in Tulum. Made up of a group of savvy professionals from New York, London and Milan, the founders fell passionately in love with this slice of paradise, moved to Tulum, purchased beachfront land and started to build their own luxury villa.

Through trial and error they decided to take their own experience and created a company that offers all the "A-Z" services of real estate investment while ensuring an enjoyable experience throughout the process.

For further information, please email:

We hope to see you in Tulum soon!