luck of the irish

What could be more unique than a St. Patty's Day wedding? A couple married on this day will not only be blessed with the luck of the Irish, but they will have their own unique holiday to celebrate every year.

Also-- think about how much fun you can have with the theme? Green is fun and endlessly versatile. Pairing it with navy or black, gives it a more sophisticated look or blend it with citrus colored hues to give it a tropical twist! I came across the following picture boards for green inspired ideas and wanted to share them!

This fun loving culture is full of folklore and legends and legends lend themselves to the perfect marriage proposal set up. So how about getting engaged on this Irish holiday? You can't go wrong with the "Luck of the Irish" on your side, right?

So whether you get married or engaged on this fun filled, festive day--you can be sure of one thing... you will have crowds of people to help you celebrate every year on your anniversary!


  1. What a lovely couple..And I really like the motif of their wedding..

  2. Beautiful pictures, I'm getting married next year so lots of great ideas. At the moment i'm on the hunt for wedding venues in West Cork but after that it will be full steam ahead with reception planning and these ideas will really help as I want an irish themed wedding!

  3. How beautiful, the top table is just stunning. Lovely ideas.