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Guest Blogger: The Restless Voyager

We've all heard glowing tales of Cancun, Mexico's popular honeymoon resort. Many of us have even traveled there and savored some of the area's many delights. And while there are obviously many wonderful resorts to choose from, honing in on the "perfect" spot may prove to be a challenge.

Not anymore. I recently discovered a slice of heaven on these powdery shores in the sleek form of Grupo Posada's newest hotel brand: Live Aqua, (the "Live" rhymes with "give"), which is a "must" for honeymooners.

Recently named No. 1 resort in Mexico by Travel & Leisure, the resort is strategically located along Boulevard Kukulcán, on one of the area's best beaches. Just steps from Cancun's premier shopping area, the all-inclusive, adult-only hotel gives new meaning to understated luxury and personalized service.

The emphasis is on tranquility, from the moment you step into the aroma- scented marble lobby, lulled by soft strains of soothing music. Music is such an important component to this resort, that there are 14 individual "zones," where the tunes cater to the specific locale.

On check-in, each guest is treated to a hand massage, as they will tell you, "to remove the stress of travel." This simple touch paves the way for what proves to be a very soul-satisfying stay. A nod to the mighty Maya who first inhabited this area can be found throughout.

Maya-inspired spa treatments, menus and décor combine with the warm Maya greeting, "Inlaa'kech," (a greeting of mutual respect you will hear often from staff) evoke the area's ancient heritage.

Each of the 370 balconied rooms and suites is a sanctuary. Top-notch amenities - including an aroma-therapy menu to select the perfect "mood," and a well stocked mini-bar combine with sweeping views of lush gardens, or the long stretch of beach below to assure a comfortable stay.

Dining becomes a gustatory experience of Mediterranean/Mexican cuisine with a selection of seven restaurants to choose from - all under the supervision of European celebrity Chef Eric De Maeyer. Options range from the specialty Inlaa'kech Lobster & Grill, the casual seaside Azur, chic MB or Siete which showcases more traditional Mexican fare with buffet stations.

Sushi fans will enjoy fresh options at the Sushi Station, while fish tacos and ceviche are dished up in the Sea Corner on the beach.

After hours, sexy drinks and live entertainment beckon at Egos Bar or the trendy Soho inspired AKA Bar. 

No matter where you are, "water, water, everywhere," the dominant, soothing theme at Live Aqua assures a balance, harmonious stay.

A honeymoon stay at Live Aqua is an experience you shouldn't miss.


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